Welcome to the Belize Headquarters of: The Orthodox Center for Law and Justice

Socialism is on the rise in the United States with the inaugural of the new Health-care Bill...Americans seem to lose sight of the fact that Governments never run anything well!

This site is dedicated to the proposition that all the World's Governments can be made a true Theocracy serviced by G-d's Faithful stewards.  It is time for a change.  The Orthodox Center for Law and Justice seeks such a change.

The first place to begin is with you, the reader, mobilizing your friends to prayerfully reflect on what G-d would want our countries to do to restore His order amongst His peoples and His Creation. Then let your truthful and peaceful voices, with strength, be heard by the leaders of all the World's Governments. Illumine the world's leaders with the Good News of G-d, the Holy Deliverance from all the ills of this world. Consult with the Word of G-d for all the answers. Be empowered by the genuine Holy Spirit to do the Will of the Word of G-d.

Here is our dedication to the Awesome G-d of Abraham

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More information is to follow very soon.  Stay tuned for more.

This web site is being built for the future of world security and world unity in the Will of the G-d of Abraham.